Archive | November, 2005

pots de chocolate and chili powder

29 Nov

Last night, a friend came over and made the most delectable, rich chocolate dessert that I’ve ever had. I told him that I love the combination of chocolate and spicy chili powder, and so he took this epicurious recipe (using good chocolate with a high cacao percentage), and topped it off with a sprinkling of 40,000 Scoville heat unit chili powder. The extremely spicy side of it was toned down by the sweet richness, so we got that good endorphin kick without much burn. ‘Twas sinfully deeelish!

video painting

29 Nov

This very interesting art tool called the I/O brush allows you to paint with objects that you have recorded on video. It’s a normal paintbrush that has a small video camera embedded in its center so that it can pick up patterns, colors and movement of whatever you brush it over. So you can basically paint with animation and use anything you can film as your painting medium. Although I’m sure it’s hard to visualize from this description, it’s easily understandable with this hi-res quicktime video. The tool was developed by people in the MIT Media Lab. Neato.

sushi cutouts

27 Nov

This page, "Sushi, Do you eat?" combines three things I really like: Engrish, paperworks and sushi. It’s an adorable resource for all those who want to cut out high-resolution graphics to make their own paper models of sushi; it even has the beer accompaniment and little faces on the egg and rice.

future austinist writer

26 Nov

Having just made my first posting about "Alternative Holiday Shopping on the Travis Heights Art Walk" for the austinist today, I’m well on my way to being a regular contributor.