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Maker Faire Swap-A-Rama

18 Oct

This weekend, I’m going to go strut my stuff/model for a “recycled fashion show” at Maker Faire. It should be fun to both participate and watch, so for whomever is interested in checking it out, voila the low-down:

SWAP-O-RAMA-RAMA @ Maker Faire

What it is in a nutshell: a giant clothing swap and series of do-it-yourself workshops to explore reuse and celebrate creativity through the recycling of used clothing
Dates: Saturday October 20th 11am to 5pm & Sunday October 20th 11 to 4pm
Location: Travis County Expo Center, Austin TX
What you need to participate: A ticket to Maker Faire plus any size bag of your unwanted clothes required to enter
What you get: all the clothes you can carry plus the ability to learn to modify and make new from old
Cheaper Advance Tix at

what I’m going to be in:
the Recycled Fashion Show: Saturday Eve from 5pm to 6pm

and more exciting details:

  • make the move from consumer to creator
  • a host of talent brought together to teach you how to transform your new/used duds into works of your own
  • An extraordinary crew of artists and designers & the workshops being offered, and local groups: Craft O Rama, Craft Mafia, Sublime Stitching, Goodwill, First Samples and Studio 3 as well as artists Zimka, Mary Keene, Andee Knutson and Gretchen Elsner.
  • T-shirt mods, conductive textiles workshops, silk screening, wool re-spinning and more!
  • DIY Stations where you can learn many wonderful ways to create out of textile reuse
  • Sewing Stations where local designers will teach you fresh clothing mod tricks
  • On-site Silk Screeners with a host of original designs to refresh old duds and extraordinary local designers who’ll show off their work in the Swap-O-Rama-Rama
    reuse fashion show MC’d by Jennifer Nordstrum.
  • Remainders go to Austin’s Goodwill

live from paris

11 Aug

I’m in Paris for work right now, and am posting random pictures I take on this flickr set. It’s fantastique to be back here, and I’m glad that my French is still fairly intact.

My boss just proposed to the client that I come back for a couple weeks at the end of our project, and so I’m crossing my fingers!

helping strangers

29 Jun

Today another stranger wrote me a thank you comment for a problem and solution I posted.

It is so satisfying to have strangers post comments to my site in appreciation for me having posted something that helped them. I encourage everyone, whenever you have a problem and have worked to find a solution to it, to write it up on your blog. Even for the most banal problem, someone out there is most likely trying to find a way to solve it by desperately searching the net. Selflessly putting information up makes a great web of random kindness and it allows more of our efforts to be worthwhile in making this world a better place. It sounds cheesy, but it’s true.

I’m also going to try to be more appreciative and post a nice comment on people’s blogs who have posted things that have helped me to solve problems. That way, they too can get the small satisfaction of knowing that something they’ve done has positively touched someone in the world.