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i’m a photographist!

28 Nov

While home for Thanksgiving, I went through a few boxes of stuff from my childhood. One of the best finds was a diary I wrote in when I was 11 years old. Every page dutifully started out with the words “Dear Diary,” and most of it consisted of me rambling on about boys, whether one liked me, how cute one was, how one talked to me after lunch, how I wished another would ask me to “go with him,” etc.

The best non-boy related part was the list I’d made of things I wanted to be when I grew up:

1) An interior designer
2) A fashion designer
3) An artist
4) A photographist
5) An animal trainer

Since my profession is UI Design and I enjoy creating art and taking pictures, I haven’t been too off-base from my childhood goals. Now if only I can find out how to figure in the animal training, I’ll be set!