I have so many changes going on in my life right now, it’s like a whirlwind that is hard to summarize in one blog post. Today was my last day at projekt202, after being there for 4.5 years. Everyone seemed genuinely sad that I was leaving and some colleagues in the room we all shared (the ROY room) even gave me a framed picture of us all. I was very touched by how thoughtful it was.

I’m going to be starting a new job doing design for smart phones (Android specifically) at Dell next week. I’m hoping it will give me some great new challenges and that I’ll quickly get accustomed to the longer commute (time to stock up on the podcasts!)

Tonight I celebrated by going to Uncorked with Liza and Frank. I won a bottle of sparkling wine there through a contest that the Goodlife Team put on, and so we enjoyed it with a charcuterie plate on the patio as the sun set over Austin. We ended up at Justine’s (I love that place) for dinner, where we indulged in some lardons and scallops on a bed of frissée, followed by an espresso and a creme brulée we split.

Since my francophone friend Patrick lives just down the street, I invited him to join us. He and I ended up chatting for hours on the patio and I enjoyed a glass of some of the best muscat I’ve had on this side of the big pond. We finished off the evening with a lively game of pétanque, which I’ve dreamt of playing ever since they opened and I saw they had a court.

It was a good first day for the immense blank slate that life is stretching out before me.

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4 Responses to ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. Joe says:

    Good for you, congrats!!! (Now it’s time to look up what pétanque is…)

  2. jessica says:

    we WILL miss you, most definitely. but I am glad that you’re not going far and SO very proud of you for taking a leap. you are brave and wonderful and amazing and talented – I have so much faith in you!

  3. shannou says:

    Thanks, Jessica! I’m going to miss seeing you as often, but there will definitely be future adventures to be had!

    And for Joe: Pétanque is like Bocci Ball but French!

  4. cheris says:

    How exciting!!

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